35 power consumers bear the burden of 100 in UP: UP Electricity Regulatory Commission

Uttar Pradesh has 3.54 crores households but guess how many of them have a registered electricity connection? Answer: Only 1.14 crores. The rest 2.40 crores — that is more than twice the number of those having a connection — pilfer electricity through what is commonly known as a `katia’. This is not all. Out of the 1.14 crores registered consumers, only 70.67 lakh have an electricity meter, the rest are unmetered.

That’s the disturbing revelation of the UP Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) which gears up to derive a new tariff structure for the power consumers in the state next month. The figures have been collected by the electricity regulator as part of an exercise to determine the efficiency of the distribution companies before deciding the tariff structure.

”This way 35 consumers bear the burden of 100 consumers in the state. This is serious,” said UPERC chairman, Desh Deepak Verma while speaking to TOI. “Hence, if all consumers are made to pay their bills, the power tariff would actually reduce,” he said. ”But for that the UP Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) will have to really work very hard, otherwise the mismatch will continue to stare on the face of the crucial sector,” he said.

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