Electricity bill is anti people – AIPEF

Electricity bill is anti people – AIPEF
Wednesday May 20 2015
The electricity (amendment) bill is anti people and does not look at root cause of power sector ailments but only treat the symptoms of problems, said Shailender Dubey Chairman all India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF).
The Government is trying to rush the bill without listening to the views of power engineers and employees who are the major stake holders. AIPEF submitted written submission to standing committee on energy about their views on the electricity amendment bill and sought a meeting with the committee. The committee only invited state Power Secretaries, Regulators and Industries Association and submitted its report without hearing views of any federation or association. There was no transparency in the working of standing committee and everything was pre planned.
The UPA government had promised power to all by 2012 and now NDA Government has extended the time bar to 2019.There are 34 crore households which are yet to get power connection. If bill is passed in Parliament the tariff would increase by the addition of supply licensees and the financially bankrupt Discoms would be left only to cater to this segment. The power utilities are already suffering a loss of more than 3.5 lakh crore of rupees.
The propaganda that the amendments to electricity bill will provide competition is not based on reality. The competition is only possible where power is in surplus and under scarcity conditions only black marketing flourishes.
The private sector is interested in only profits by hook or crook. Last year on August 25 the major private sector players closed their thermal units of 8000 MW to force the Government to revise the tariff upward on pretext of increase in cost of imported coal. Under such circumstance how the round the clock supply to all consumers can is assured.
Dubey demanded that the CAG audit of all the private sector power utilities must be made compulsory. He supported the Delhi Governments decision to order the CAG audit of Reliance and Tata Discoms. The private companies are fudging the figures to overstate their expenditures and are showing negative earnings. Dubey said it is the Federation which is fighting the cause of common consumers.


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