Power consumers in Haryana to shell out more in 2015-16 financial year

After a zero electricity tariff hike (2014-15) in the assembly election year preceded by a roll back of the prevailing electricity tariff, power consumers across the board in Haryana, except the pampered farm sector, will have to shell out more for consuming electricity in 2015-16 financial year. The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) on Thursday effected an 8% across the board hike.

Higher consumption hit hard

The power consumers will have to pay more from April 1, 2015, as the hike in power tariff. Up to first 50 units the rate will be Rs 2.70 per unit as compared to Rs 4.93 in Delhi and Rs 4.52 in Punjab. In case of 50 to 100 units in Haryana it will be Rs 4.50 per unit while in Delhi it is Rs 4.51 and in Punjab it is Rs 4.52 per unit.

In case of High Tension Industries, the tariff in Haryana will be Rs 7.46 per unit as compared to Rs 8.89 in Delhi and Rs 7.81 in Punjab. In case of Low Tension industries, it will be Rs 6.76 per unit in Haryana whereas it is Rs 9.97 in Delhi. In case of commercial category, the effective tariff of power upto 100 units consumption in Haryana will be Rs 6.20, whereas in Delhi it is Rs 9.59 and in Punjab Rs 6.53.

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Amit Antil

After doing Power Management (MBA) from National Power Training Institute (NPTI), Amit Antil is now presently working with Today Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. and looking after business development activities for Solar. Earlier he was associated with leading power trading company Global Energy for 3 years. He has a sound knowledge about bidding, power trading, open access, REC trading, Govt. Liaisoning, Contract Negotiation, Power Purchase Agreement.

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