Big plans are on for solar power generation

The global warming, air pollution and climate change are danger signals that all is not too well with environment and Central Government has rightly taken a major green initiative for sustainable energy development during the last one year. Solar energy, which is abundantly available in the country, is being given new thrust.


The solar energy which accounted for mere one per cent of nearly two lakh mw of power generated in the country, is being pursued with renewed vigour.  The target of 20,000 mw of solar power proposed to be installed in the country has been reset by the government to achieve five time more at one lakh mw of solar power by 2022.

The target, which looked overambitious, now seems to be within the realms of reality with some state already witnessing silent revolution on rooftop solar power generation with the launch of net metering in the country.

Situation of renewable energy 

  • The overall renewable energy share at the moment is around 6 per cent. Thermal power dominated, accounting for nearly 60 per cent of power generation. Wind power, which has already caught on in some parts of the country particularly in the coastal region is proposed to be stepped up to 60,000 mw of power generation by 2022. continue reading

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