Bihar to Modi government: Provide special package for the state

PATNA: Bihar government on Friday asked Narendra Modi government to do quickly whatever it wants to do for providing a special package for the state, otherwise its (Centre) effort would end up as a “mere election announcement and nothing more.”

“State government demands that whatever is to be done should be done quickly. A well thought out detailed proposal which confirms to the aspirations of the people of Bihar is already pending before the Prime Minister, the Union finance minister and the NITI Aayog. If something concrete has to be done the Centre should seriously consider the detailed proposal and act accordingly,” Nitish Kumar-led JD(U) Government said in an official statement here.

Reacting sharply over the centre’s preparations to provide the proposed special package just before assembly elections in Bihar, the statement also said, “Today the dream of special package is being sold to the people to get electoral benefits and later after the election it would be stated that it was just a ‘Jumla’ (electoral phrase).

The state government has also sought to know from the centre as to what new it would do in power sector in Bihar. “As is evident from the newspaper report the Centre is preparing the special package, taking no notice of the detailed proposal submitted by the State Government. The Centre is trying to misguide the people by camouflaging issues which were already in vogue. For example promise is being made that in next four years there will be 24 hours availability of power in Bihar.

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