Centre may make solar systems mandatory on roof-tops

The Central government is likely to make it mandatory for buildings to install solar roof-top systems. The proposal is among the initiatives planned by the Government of India to support the massive solar capacity addition target (100 GW by 2022).

An official statement has indicated that there would be a proposal for amendment in building norms for mandatory provision of roof-top solar for new construction and 10 per cent renewable energy provision for end-customers under the new scheme of Ministry of Urban Development.

Generally, about 10 sq.m area is required to set up 1 kWp grid-connected roof-top solar system. The average cost of such system is around Rs.80 per watt. “This is still an idea that may or may not become a policy. But it is an interesting proposal,” says a report of Bridge to India, solar energy consulting firm.

“Mandatory roof-top solar is not new to India. Similar policies have earlier been formulated by the states of Haryana and Tamil Nadu,” it added.

Elaborating further, it pointed out that Tamil Nadu unveiled a solar policy three years ago under which large power consumers (with a connected load of above 11 kVA) were asked to meet a share of their power consumption from solar source.

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