Cradle of White Revolution inspires Orange Revolution

‘Milk City’ Anand, the birthplace of milk co-operatives that had led to India’s White Revolution, is now inspiring another change — an ‘Orange Revolution’.

The district will be the home to India’s first solar co-operatives that will be run by farmers.

On Friday, Raman Parmar from Thamna village became the country’s first farmer to produce and sell solar power individually.

By connecting a solar-powered irrigation pump to electricity grid, Parmar got the first payment for his ‘solar crop’ in form of a cheque of Rs 7,500 from the International Water Management Institute (IWMI).

Through an eight kWh grid-tied solar system on 60 sq m to 80 sq m land, Parmar has generated a surplus 1,500 kWh of solar energy in last four months.

Citing Parmar’s example, the IWMI is encouraging solar power as a remunerative crop (SPaRC) – the idea of harvesting solar power as the most lucrative crop.

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