Deficient monsoon: Govt better prepared on the power front

With the India Meteorological Department predicting deficient monsoon this year, thermal power is set to bear the brunt of power generation to avoid a power crisis.

Statistics from the Government show that it is better prepared than last year with greater availability of coal.

As on June 2, only 13 out of the 100 thermal power plants in the country had less than seven days or critical levels of coal stock. Out of this, two are taking coal as per their requirement. Further, 22 out of the 100 plants have over one month of coal stocks.

However, dependence on hydro power has been reduced. As per the targets of the Central Electricity Authority, hydro power generation for April-September 2015 is at 77,830 million units, or about 13.7 per cent of the total power generation in the country.

In the same period last year, hydro power contributed about 15 per cent of the total power generation at 80,896.50 million units.

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