Delhi Metro starts buying solar energy at Rs6 per unit

To establish its green credentials, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has started procuring solar energy at about ?6 a unit, claiming that the tariff will remain at the same level for the next 25 years.

Commercial power

The move comes at a time when DMRC is saddled with high electricity costs at about ?7/unit. The concept of the same tariff level for 25 years, though common for solar energy, has led to a situation where DMRC is paying lower tariff, albeit after including government subsidy.

Interestingly, DMRC has also started selling solar power from its residential colony at a commercial rate of ?9/unit to the grid during day time, which is higher than ?6/unit at which it is being procured.

During day, there is not much use for the power generated in the common areas of the residential units, Anoop Kumar Gupta, Director (Electrical), DMRC, told BusinessLine.

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