Maverick Tariff order

Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission in its order dated 26th June’15 has directed  MSEDCL to achieve 100% metering in three years. The commission, with a view to promote open access & reduce the burden on industrial and commercial consumers,   has significantly reduced the open access charges. The wheeling charges have been reduced to at Rs. 0.15/kWh, Rs. 0.83/kWh and Rs. 1.42/kWh for 33kV, 22/11kv and LT customers respectively, much lower than MSEDCL’s projected charges of Rs. 0.22/kWh, Rs. 1.23/kWh and Rs. 2.11/kWh for respective voltage levels. Wheeling Losses for losses for 33kV, 22/11kv and LT customers have been approved at 6.00%, 9.00% and 12.00% respectively.

Also, in the commission’s attempt to promote renewables , OA consumers purchasing power from renewable sources are required to pay only 25% of the  applicable rate of CSS. The commission has envisaged a 7% reduction of ABR. In addition to this, there has been a considerable decrease in the tariffs of industrial and commercial customers. In the HT category, the ABR has been reduced by 8% from Rs8.75/unit to Rs8.02/unit for express feeders while for non express feeders, the approved tariff is Rs 7.48/unit, reduced from existing rate of Rs 7.90/unit. While the commercial customers will now be charged at Rs 12.14/unit on account of a 6% reduction in the existing level of tariff of Rs12.89/unit.

The Commission has reduced the Energy Charges for Industry in a range of Rs. 0. 40 per kWh to Rs. 1.21 per kWh (depending upon consumer sub-category) with a marginal increase in Demand Charges in the range of Rs. 0.03 per kWh to Rs. 0.04 per kWh. This leads to an average 7% to 10% reduction in Consumer Tariff for various sub-categories of Industries. The Commission has created a separate sub-category of LT Industries – Power loom under LT Industries.

Highlights of proposed and approved tariffs of MSEDCL from 1st June



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