MNRE to develop national parks to cope with tourism growth

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) is improving national parks nationwide to accommodate the growth of tourism in parallel with natural conservation, said a DNP official.

The Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) Director-General, Nipon Chotibal, has revealed that the MNRE is now gearing up the improvement of national parks to accommodate the increasing number of tourists, especially foreigners, visiting the natural tourism attractions in Thailand.

According to him, the natural parks’ condition has been deteriorating due to tourism activities, mainly in the marine tourism attractions where corals and marine life have been affected. Therefore, the development of the attractions must go hand in hand with the restoration of natural resources.

The improvement of national parks will include better regulations of the parks such as the visiting fees, revision of the opening time of the islands, and the prevention of waste water released by hotels and resorts from contaminating seawater.

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