New Concurrent Exhibition on Electric Power Testing, Measuring & Monitoring Technology and Equipment in EP Shanghai 2015

First batch of Qualified Testing Institutions to be announced in the exhibition by the Electric Power Engineering Quality Supervision Station


It is common knowledge that electric power testing, measuring and monitoring are the core elements to ensure the quality of electric power engineering infrastructure. Although the Chinese government pursued the third party testing system which socialized the examination work and constructed a competitive market gradually, underpriced quotation and false testing report are resulted from the lack of standardization on testing fee. The adverse impacts not only lead to conflict on the invitation and submission of tender, dispute on charge settling but also the apprehension on the quality of the engineering infrastructure. In this regard, Chinese Electricity Council released document no. [2015]61, “Standard charge of the Electric Power Testing” on 7th April, 2015. It is believed that market competition will be standardized and the legitimate rights and interests of all parties will be protected with the execution of the proposal.


In order to enhance the quality of engineering infrastructure and the safety standard of electric power generation, motivate the application of testing technology and equipment, increase the interaction between power corporations, testing institutions and suppliers of technology and equipment, “EP Shanghai 2015” and the new concurrent show, “Exhibition on Electric Power Testing, Measuring & Monitoring Technology and Equipment“ will take place under the theme “Specialized, Professional, Business Opportunities” at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre on 14th-16th October, 2015. The estimated exhibition space of the show will be expanded to 35,000 sq.m. with more than 900 exhibitors. EP Shanghai 2015 will be once again supported by the U.S. Embassy – Commercial Service, German Pavilion, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association Pavilion and the new companions from Commercial Department of The Czech Republic and the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, together with the individual international exhibitors, forming the most internationalized electric power exhibition in China.



First batch of Qualified Testing Institutions to be announced in the exhibition by the Power Engineering Quality Supervision Station

Recently, the Electric Power Engineering Quality Supervision Station released the “Measures for Managing Electric Power Engineering Testing Institutions’ Ability” which emphasized on the objective evaluation of the engineering quality from advanced equipment. List of the first certified testing institutions will be announced in the upcoming Exhibition on Electric Power Testing, Measuring & Monitoring Technology and Equipment. It is believed that these testing institutions will become the core buyer of the Electric Power testing equipment.


Most Authoritative Electric Power Testing Trading Platform
With the success from preceding show, apart from Power Transmission and Distribution solution, EP Shanghai 2015 will also feature theme zones including Electric Power Automation, Smart Grid, Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection and the firstly introduced Electric Power Testing, Measuring & Monitoring Technology & Equipment zone, which is supported by the Electric Power Engineering Quality Supervision Station for power engineering, electrical testing, operation and maintenance, quality supervision and management. Along with the exhibition, business matching service, delegations from China and overseas, seminars and conferences will also be held concurrently to establish a comprehensive platform for electric power and electrical industry.


Concurrent Events for In-Depth Technology Interaction

“Chinese International Electric Power Control and Testing Management and Technology Seminar” will be held concurrently, which will invite Electric Power Quality Monitoring Institutions, Testing Institutions, Infrastructure Departments, Safety Quality Monitoring Departments, Engineering Corporations and Technology Equipment Manufacturers to share the leading technology, present market situation and future tendency in Electric Power Engineering and Testing sector.



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