Nod for distribution of 9 watt LED bulbs

The Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) permitted the power utilities to distribute 9 watt LED bulbs in place of existing 7 Watt bulbs if the cost of procurement and maintenance is lesser.

Dealing with petitions filed by the Discoms, the APERC, in its orders issued on Saturday, that if the petitioners and Energy Efficiency Services Limited agree and decide to supply 9 watts LED bulbs instead of 7 watts bulbs under any of the four schemes in part or in full, the same can be undertaken only if 9 watts bulbs can be procured at the same or lesser cost for which the present permissions are being given by the Commission. Other components of the project cost shall remain unchanged.

Rider to Discoms

In case, there is any difference in financial implications in the supply of such higher wattage bulbs the Discoms shall approach APERC again for appropriate clearance and directions to the extent of such escalation

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