Pay 10% more for power from July 1

LUCKNOW: Your electricity bill is set to rise by 10% from July. On Thursday, the UP Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) announced the raise that not only included the per unit charges but also the fixed charges that a consumer pays to the UP Power Corporation (UPPCL) every month. The hike, however, will be lesser in case of Greater Noida which has been given a sop for registering least line losses of 8.5%.

As per the new tariff order, a consumer will now have to shell out Rs 4.40 per unit for the first 150 units as against Rs 4.00 which was the case earlier. This would subsequently rise to Rs 4.95 (instead of Rs 4.50) up to 300 units. The per unit charge would then go up to Rs 5.60 (as against Rs 5.00) up to 500. Consumption above 500 units will cost Rs 6.20 per unit instead of Rs 5.50 per unit in 2014-15. The fixed charge that a consumer pays on per kilowatt connection too has been jacked up from Rs 75 per kilowatt to Rs 90 per kilowatt.

In contrast, the hike in Greater Noida, which receives power from the privately owned Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL), is relatively lesser. In its case, for the first 150 units a consumer will have to pay at the rate of Rs 4.10 (Rs 4 last year). For the next 300, 500 and above units, the rate has been fixed at Rs 4.60 (Rs 4.50), Rs 5.10 (Rs 5.00) and Rs 5.65 (Rs 5.50) per unit, respectively.

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