Renewable energy targets quadruple globally in 10 years: International Renewable Energy Agency

DUBAI: Renewable energy targets are now a “defining feature” of the global energy landscape with developing economies leading its adoption, the International Renewable Energy Agency has said.

A total of 164 countries have adopted at least one type of renewable energy target, up from just 43 countries in 2005, according to the Renewable Energy Target Setting which was launched on the sidelines of IRENA’s ninth Council meeting.

“Renewable energy targets have emerged as a popular mechanism to set national and regional economies on the path towards a more secure and sustainable energy future. They provide an important signal to the industry and can help align stakeholders by creating a clearer, common vision for the development of the energy sector,” IRENA Director-General Adnan Z Amin said yesterday.

“Renewable energy targets are now a defining feature of the global energy landscape,” IRENA said, adding that d ..


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