Vallur thermal power units shut down

Two units of Vallur thermal plant with a capacity of 500MW each were shutdown due to problems in their boilers. Unit 2 and 3 went out of action between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, thus denying 1,000MW in total to the southern grid.

The two units established under a joint venture between NTPC and Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) were commissioned after a delay. The thermal complex in Tiruvallur district has three units of 500MW each and was set up by BHEL.

Since their commissioning all the three units have been facing problems either due to shortage of fuel or technical faults in the equipment and therefore had to be shutdown frequently. Tamil Nadu gets 375MW from each unit. “The unit two which had some technical problem has been restored and has started generating power. But the third unit has boiler puncture and will be restored only after two days,” a senior plant official told TOI.

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