Absence of rain causes marginal load shedding in parts of state

Owing to the prolonged absence of rain, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL), which supplies power to the entire state except Mumbai, has been resorting to load shedding in all parts of the state since Monday for close to one-and-a-half hours a day.

Demand for power has climbed to 16,500 megawatt a day due to the lack of rain and impending heat, while the available supply is about 15,000 to 15,500 megawatt.

An MSEDCL spokesperson said, “We are trying to procure as much power as possible from different sources. The situation is likely to be restored to normalcy by Wednesday. We have also ensured that there is no load shedding on agricultural pumps for farmers.”

Due to water shortage, the power plant at Parli is unable to supply about 1,130 megawatt of power. Also, wind energy production, which generally contributes about 2,000 megwatt, has dropped to about 500-600 megawatt, while a 660 megawatt unit at the Adani power plant, and a 250-megawatt unit at the Koyna plant are shut due to technical glitches, the spokesperson added.


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