Assam, Meghalaya owe NEEPCO nearly Rs 1,000 crore power dues

Assam and Meghalayatogether owe nearly Rs 1,000 crore as outstanding power dues to the state-owned North-East Electric Power Corporation, officials said today.

“NEEPCO is to receive Rs 536.64 crore from Assam and Rs 429.4 crore from Meghalaya against sale of power,”NEEPCO Chairman and Managing Director P C Pankaj said.

He said the actual amount due for receipt from Assam and Meghalaya was Rs 269.2 crore and Rs 288.21 crore, respectively, with a surcharge of Rs 267.44 crore and Rs 140.83 crore.

Similarly, other north-eastern states that have pending power dues with NEEPCO include Tripura (Rs 89.74 crore), Manipur (Rs 68.14 crore) and Arunachal Pradesh (Rs 26.16 crore), Pankaj said.

While Mizoram’s came in at over Rs 37 crore, Nagaland has the least with only Rs 5 lakh.

Taken together, NEEPCO is to receive an amount of Rs 1,186.24 crore as cumulative power dues from these states as of June 2015.

The NEEPCO chief also said the company is expected to mobilise about Rs 2,500 crore from the market this financial year, down by about Rs 600 crore from last fiscal when it raised Rs 3,100 crore.

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