Green Energy Corridor to avert Massive Loss in Transmission

CHENNAI: One major issue plaguing the Renewable Energy (RE) companies is wastage of billions of units of power during transmission from generator to grid.

In 2014-2015, 3.1 billion units went to waste, when it could have supplied power to a state for days. This should end, if the 175 GW as envisioned by the government is to materialise, say experts.

The issue of transmission loss was raised at the 14th Green Power Summit organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry in the city on Thursday to discuss issues in the renewable energy  sector.

Dr Gomathinayagam, chairman of National Institue of Wind Energy (NIWE), said the inadequate grid is not as much a problem any longer since work on the green energy corridor has begun and is set to be completed by 2017. This implementation will cut transmission loss substantially. The reason for the loss was the absence of a proper wind-forecasting infrastructure in the state.

The target of 175 Gigawatts (GW) installed-capacity by 2022 can be achieved by the use of wind-solar hybrid generators, though they would provide only some respite, say experts. They add that there was the need to step up infrastructure to prevent energy loss and streamline manufacture. “Unfortunately, the country has slipped into a service economy. Manufacture is not as intensive as it was two or three decades ago” says Krishnan K, chairman CVC (India) Infrastructure and co-chairman, CII National Committee on Bio-Energy.

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