PCL bid to increase power generation

LUCKNOW: State government will be attempting to synchronise at least two power units, including one of the private sector, with the state grid on Friday. The development gains importance in the wake of a sudden rise in demand for power—of around 13500MW—with increase in humidity levels and rise in irrigation activities.

The two units likely to get connected with the state grid include the 220MW unit in Harduaganj and 660MW in Lalitpur. At the same time, there is also attempt to get a 500MW unit of Anpara D in Sonebhadra in functional mode. Of these, the Anpara D and Harduaganj units were inaugurated by chief minister Akhilesh Yadav on March 31, but they could not function because of repeated snags. Likewise, the Lalitpur power plant of the Bajaj group too, after being put under test, went off the grid in June.

Energy department sources said the chief minister had expressed displeasure over tripping of Harduaganj and Anpara D soon after he inaugurated them. Following that he did not go to inaugurate the Lalitpur power plant.


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