Water shortage affects power generation

Deficient amount of rainfall witnessed by the state is not only creating water woes but is also affecting the generation of electricity. The state’s power generation on Sunday stood at 8,660 mw while demand was 13,088 mw, thus resulting in load shedding in some parts. Due to water shortage, the hydro as well as thermal power generation has been badly affected, forcing some of the generation units to shut down.

As per the information from the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL), the state’s power demand was the usual 13,088 mw but the generation was low compared to usual at 8,660 mw creating a shortage of 4,428 mw. The officials in the energy department fear that water shortage will add into their troubles if the rainfall remains low.

The Nashik thermal plant is currently generating 307 mw, Koradi 167 mw, Khaparkheda 881 mw, Paras 420 mw. The state is able to generate only 28 mw of hydro power from Koyna dam and 128 mw from gas-based plants. Even though Mumbai is adding 891 mw into the state’s total power generation, the demand for electricity from Mumbai alone stands at 2106 mw.

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