AIPEF delegation meets Rajnath Singh over Electricity (amendment) Bill

AIPEF delegation meets Rajnath Singh over Electricity (amendment) Bill
Monday August 24, 2015
All India Power engineers federation (AIPEF) seeking intervention of the Union home minister has demanded from the Center to not to rush with the Indian electricity (amendment) Bill 2014.
A delegation of the Federation led by Shailendra Dubey Chairman AIPEF l met the Union home minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday and demanded from the Union government to reconsider the bill. The Federation informed home minister that the amendment bill is of national importance and the center instead of taking unilateral decision in a hurry should consult all the stake holders as it has important implication for all categories of the power consumer and the power industry.
The home minister assured the power engineers that he would speak to the Union power minister Piyush Goel to hold detailed discussions with the power engineers and other stake holders about the provisions in the amendment bill.
V K Gupta spokesperson of Federation said here that the bill is amended for the ultimate privatization of the power distribution across the country with the ultimate aim of benefiting the corporate sector. He said the privatization will entail huge burden on the power consumers in the form of higher power tariff.
He said the bill is silent as to how the Center will provide power to all citizens by 2019 and what are the provisions in the amendment bill to finance the huge debt and accumulated loss of over Rs 5.5 lakh crore of the power distribution companies.
Dubey said the claims of the votaries of the amendment bill that the power consumers will be in a position to change their power supplier as they can choose between different mobile phone service providers is a mere eyewash. This kind of market is possible only when the India is power surplus nation not power deficient, so power consumers will never have this kind of choice to choose their power supplier as promised by the bill.
The AIPEF said they told the Union home minister that the top priority of the Union government should be to enhance the overall power generation and transmission capacity so as to increase the overall availability of power to all sections and categories of power consumers.


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  1. Manoj Nirgudkar says:

    Privatization is unstoppable. Why All India Power engineers federation (AIPEF) opposing privatization? Capable Electrical Engineers would get better salary in private industry.

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