‘Delay in forest clearances hampering power transmission’

Forest clearance is one of the major impediment in timely development of power transmission system in the country, a government panel said today.

“Forest clearance being major impediment in timely development of transmission systems. Power Ministry may be approached to take up the matter with concerned states to facilitate development of much needed transmission system,” said a Sub-Committee of Central Advisory Committee (CAC) on Congestion set up power sector regulator CERC.
The sub-committee, which was set up by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) in July 2014, has submitted its report in June this year. However it was mandated to submit report within two months.

The panel headed by former Power Secretary R V Shahi said that the gap between TC (Transmission Capacity) and ATC (Available Transmission Capacity) attributable to states should be found and needs to be communicated to them through appropriate discussions with the states.

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