Don’t hike tariff, people tell Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission

Around 300 consumer activists and RWA members, flanked by 15 AAP MLAs, attended Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (DERC) public hearing on tariffs making it a political affair for the ruling party. A number of objections were raised against hike tariffs and accusations were made on the commission for “favouring” the power companies.

Wearing the signature AAP caps, the MLAs arrived in the second half of the public hearing, which was presided over by chairperson PD Sudhakar along with members JP Singh and BP Singh. When names were announced for MLAs to speak, RWAs sitting since morning started protesting alleging favouritism in allowing the legislators to speak first. This led to a small ruckus, which was sorted out soon.

MLA from Palam, Bhavna Gaur was among the first to speak and raised a number of issues on poor power supply in her constituency.


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