EP Shanghai & Electrical Shanghai 2015 honorably introduce Leading Enterprises in Smart Grid, Electric Power Automation, Energy Conservation and Electric Power Testing, Measuring & Monitoring Sectors


EP Shanghai & Electrical Shanghai 2015 honorably introduce
Leading Enterprises in Smart Grid, Electric Power Automation, Energy Conservation and Electric Power Testing, Measuring & Monitoring Sectors
Recently, the Chinese government is taking active measures in promoting smart transformation and green development which are focused in “Made-in-China 2025”. In the meantime, the State Council released “Guideline of promoting ‘Internet Plus’ action” which focuses on the acceleration of power generation and distribution infrastructure, power grid intellectualization and security, stability and credibility enhancement of electric power system. With these measures, smart grid, energy conservation and electric power testing, measuring and monitoring are becoming the core developing aspects in electric power industry.In this regard, five theme zones including One Stop Solution on Power Transmission and Distribution, Smart Grid, Electric Power Automation, Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection and Electric Power Testing, Measuring & Monitoring will be incorporated in EP Shanghai & Electrical Shanghai 2015, which helps electric power industry players to spotlight the latest market situation, tendency and business opportunity. Together with over 20 concurrent seminars and conferences, making EP Shanghai as the most comprehensive energy and power platform.
Preeminent Exhibitors of Smart Grid, Electric Power Automation, Energy Conservation, Electric Power Quality and Electric Power Testing, Measuring & Monitoring at a glance:
1. Siemens Ltd., China (Booth no: 1A36)
World Class Intelligent Manufacturing with Efficient Engineering for Powerhouse Technology
 simens With more than 30 years’ worldwide operation experience, Siemens is focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization in more than 200 countries.
It is one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies. Over 76,000 8DA and 8DB have been delivered internationally with Siemens vacuum interrupter technology. Siemens 8DA is the only medium voltage gas insulated switchgear with single-pole enclosure which excludes phase-to-phase short circuits and minimizes fault risks. Chinese customers trust Siemens 8DA for many years and use it in many critical applications like Metro and Railway.
2. Shenzhen Tangci Electric Co.,Ltd. (Booth no: 1B41)
China’s Largest Manufacturer for Semi-hard Magnetic Vacuum Circuit Breaker Control Mechanism
 tangci Tangci is the first corporation in achieving localization of circuit breaker technology used by former Soviet Union military submarine and patented with the invention right on semi-hard magnetic material for control mechanism.
As traditional permanent magnetic mechanism cannot be demagnetization under open condition, semi-hard magnetic material performs outstanding excitation and demagnetization. With economical price and durable material, 10kV-IDM series’ permanent magnetic vacuum circuit-breaker and complete cabinet enhanced their reliability and controllability.
3. Eaton Electrical Ltd. (Booth no: 1B45)
Global Technology Leader in Power Management Solutions
 eaton Eaton produces uninterruptible power systems, medium voltage switch panels and switchgears, vacuum circuit breakers and fittings, electrical automation, automotive air
conditioning and power steering, hose and tube assemblies, clutches and brakes, engine valves, hydraulic lifters, differentials, hydraulic hose fittings and adapters, directional control valves, vane pumps, power systems, hoses and fittings. Due to continuing growth organically and through acquisition, Eaton has achieved its goal of reaching $1 billion in revenues in China by 2010 for buildings, aircraft, trucks, cars, machinery and entire businesses industries by providing innovative industrial technologies, high quality products and superior customer relationships.
4. Polymer Technology (Booth no: 2F01)
Professional Leader of Energy Conservation
 polymer As early as in 1985, Polymer launched its independently developed products for FGD on the world market, which included synergists, anifoams, heavy metal absorbents, agglomerants/ coagulants and etc. Polymer supplies
a great variety of desulfurization chemicals, scale inhibitor for seawater RO, flocculants for RO system, amti-scalants/dispersanl for RO system, cleaners for RO system, cleaners for UF system, discopre SDI, coagulator, heavy metal remove and de-foamer. Furthermore, it provides POLYTE30B remove and activate coking agent for boiler fire-side. POLYTE30B contains effective combustion catalyst which can promote the sufficient burning of coal, cut down coking, raise the burning condition of coal and carry out the sufficient burning in low oxygen coefficient.
5. Suzhou Agioe Equipment Ltd. (Booth no: 1G33)
National high & new technology enterprise with reliable & efficient smart grid equipment
 agioe Suzhou Agioe is a high-tech company engaged in development, production, sale and service of new-generation photoelectric sensor network, IOT and industrial measurement & control system.
With 32 patents (including 15 patents of invention), 26 software copyrights, 18 software products, 7 provincial high-tech products and core idea of guided with customers values, Suzhou Agioe has been investing in key application areas’ technological development and advanced photoelectric sensor, internet communication and software technology which are applied to traditional industry and municipal infrastructure construction.
EP Shanghai & Electrical Shanghai 2015 will be themed with “Specialized, Professional, Business Opportunities” at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition &Convention Centre on 14th-16th October, 2015. The estimated exhibition space of the show will be expanded to 35,000 sq.m. with 900 international exhibitors which scales new heights.
To save your time and effort, Pre-register now for a free copy of show catalogue at
For more information of the fair, please feel free to contact Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd or visit the fair website at www.EPChinaShow.com– END – EP China / EP Shanghai, jointly organized by China Electricity Council and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., are held in Beijing and Shanghai rotationally. Since its launch in 1986, EP exhibitions are recognized as the largest and the most reputable electric power and electrical exhibition in China, extensively supported by major power group corporations and power grid corporations of China. It is also the only electric power event in China that is endorsed as a UFI Approved Event and recommended by The Ministry of Commerce of PR China since 2013.

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