MP: Farmers, discoms in blame-game on incentives for using power saving devices

Various farmers’ bodies are mulling to take up the issue of not getting the benefits of incentive for using standard energy saving devices in their agriculture power connections with Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (MPERC).

A farmer using standard energy saving devices is entitled to get incentive in the form of rebate in the power bill amount. For this, one has to furnish details of using such devices before the discom, who in turn will verify it.

The MPERC has laid down conditions in the retail supply tariff order 2015-16 on the entitlement for benefits. The incentive is to be given in three categories based on the nature of devises being used including a rebate of 15 paise per unit for using motor pump sets and 30 paise per unit for using sets with frictionless PVC pipes and foot valve.

Similarly, a rebate of 45 paise per unit is to be given for installing standard shut capacitor of appropriate rating while using motor pumps, frictionless PVC pipes and foot valve.

However, farmers’ organisations like the Bharatiya Kissan Sangh, Bharat Krishak Samaj and Bharatiya Kissan Union have blamed the discoms for not extending the benefits of incentive to the farmers.

Bharat Krishak Samaj member Raj Narayan Bhardwaj said, “I went to the local office of discom in Patan, Jabalpur where the officials denied that there was any provision of incentive to be given to the farmers. I will take up the issue before the regulatory commission.”

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