Samsung launches free, solar-powered mobile charging stations in Bengaluru

Samsung Electronics has introduced a first-of-its-kind initiative in Bengaluru that would delight smartphone users who are constantly faced with battery drain during the course of their workday.

The Korean mobile phone manufacturer, which enjoys 40 per cent market share in value and 33 per cent in volume in the country, has installed solar-powered mobile charging stations in front of five Samsung smart cafes across the city for customers to get their phone battery recharged for free.


The locations are CMH Road, Indiranagar; Total Mall, Sarjapura Road; Sahakaranagar, Malleswaram and Vijayanagar.

The solar charger is installed on a 10-foot-high pole fixture with a charging dock at 4ft height and can be used by eight people simultaneously to charge their smartphones on the go.

“We have chosen to introduce solar power charging in Bengaluru as the city is home to the highest number of Samsung smartphone users in the premium segment. We enjoy 59 per cent market share in the premium smartphone segment in the city, which includes all smartphones priced above ?40,000. With this initiative, we can also engage with smartphone users near the store by inviting them into the smart café to see product demos and ensure conversions,” said Asim Warsi, Vice-President, Marketing, Samsung India. Asked about the pan-India rollout of this initiative, Warsi said no decision has been made yet but, the company would watch how it is received in Bengaluru before taking it pan-India.

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