Sustainable Smart Cities – an Indian perspective.

Since the release of the smart cites guidelines, 98 cities have been shortlisted by the central government of India for the Smart Cities Mission. It is the need of the hour to bring in experts from all across India and abroad to discuss on creating a road map for implementing the smart concepts into Indian cities. For this to be implemented effectively, it is extremely important for empowering the city managers, municipal heads and citizens with the right kind of knowledge and create appropriate awareness.


A press meet was arranged today at the Press Club of Bangalore with eminent global experts who shared their vision of building a sustainable, liveable and smart cities.


Mr. Narendra Kumar, Managing Director, Nispana said “The ideology of smart cities is still vague in India and unclear for many and the right information can be propagated by the media fraternity.” He also added that this year Sustainable Smart Cities India (SSCI 2015) scheduled to be held on the 3 & 4 of September in Bengaluru will host several knowledge experts from diverse sectors as well as government representatives. The main purpose of organizing this high level gathering is for knowledge dissemination to educate the market with the role of information technology in building smart cities for India.


Mr. M.C Dinesh, Sr. Vice President of FKCCI added the importance of building smart towns, active involvement of government authorities, while describing the meaning of ‘smart’ in smart cities. He also brought out the importance of the role of cities as economic engines of the state.


Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi of City Managers’ Association of Karnataka (CMAK), which is headed by the Directorate of Municipal Administration which encompasses 213 Urban local bodies said that “They have found the need for empowering all the municipal heads with the appropriate knowledge on smart cities, hence they are supporting Nispana in this initiative by nominating all the commissioners and other municipal heads across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra”


Mr. M. Selvarasu, advisor and speaker at SSCI 2015 conference emphasized on building ‘sustainability’ in smart cities which can be self sufficient. He stated that there is no standard definition of smart cities or legislation policies available in the world. We have to evolve ourselves and learn from other cities, indigenize it, decode it and put it in practice which works for our climate and culture.


Mr. Prabhu Ramachandran, Director, Web NMS (Zoho corporation) spoke on various technologies that can help in securing cities, make cites more energy efficient and sustainable. He also added on the available technology that can make the renewable energy smart.


Mr. Mario Schmidt, Country Head, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies, a German based company spoke on how the usage of UPVC windows and doors can reduce the usage of wood and highlighted on the long term sustainability as manufacturing of UPVC windows and doors consume 10 times lesser energy as compared to aluminum.


Mr. Chandra Shekar, Engineering Manager, Tekla stated the importance of technology in smart cities and spoke on how Building Information Modeling and Integrated Project Delivery process ensure effective and timely completion of projects with its smart involvement of all project stakeholders.


Mr. Ravi Kumar, Fenesta, made a clear note on how UPVC windows can improve the quality of life of people, by reducing the noise and air pollution while improving the energy efficiency of buildings. He also made a special mention on how Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Kumar are doing their best to preserve natural resources.


Mr. Shridhar Rao, Regional Manager, Elematic India Pvt. Ltd. a Finland based company who are the leaders in pre-cast structures emphasized that sustainability should be the focus while building cities, while quoting the example of sustainable buildings in Finland. Elematic which is present in India for 17 years looks at recreating the same for Indian cities.


The press meet was wrapped up with setting a huge expectation on the deliverables from the upcoming conference which will bring much needed clarity on smart cities in India.



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