DERC makes off-peak hours more lucrative

In a bid to prevent creation of surplus power, the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has directed industries in the Capital to shift their activities to off-peak hours.

As an incentive, the regulator has decided to offer 20 per cent rebate to the complying industrial or commercial connections.

According to the DERC, the directive will help stabilise availability of electricity and put a cap on excessive and expensive power procured by distribution companies.

To make more such commercial/industrial power connections eligible for Time of Day (ToD) metering, the DERC has reduced the sanctioned load per consumer from 50 kW to 25 kW.

“The only way we could bring more consumers into ToD model was by lowering the eligibility of the sanctioned load. It was seen that huge amount of power procured remains at surplus during off-peak hours, whereas during peak hours the consumption always touches maximum. With more commercial consumers shifting their activities to off-peak hours, power consumption activity will be uniform throughout 24 hours,” explained P.D. Sudhakar, DERC chairman.

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