DERC wants industries to shift activities to off peak hours

Taking forward the reform initiative, Delhi’s power regulator DERC has now decided to encourage industrial establishments to shift their activities to off peak hours, wooing them with financial incentives, as part of its efforts to stabilise electricity availability.

The Electricity Regulatory Commission has decided to extend the Time of Day Metering scheme, a concept borrowed from European countries, to all commercial consumers having sanctioned load of 25 kilo watt so as to discourage them from consuming more power during peak hours.

Time of Day metering (TOD), also known as Time of Usage (TOU) or Seasonal Time of Day (SToD), metering involves dividing the day, month and year into tariff slots and with higher rates at peak load periods and low tariff rates at off-peak load periods.

DERC Chairman P D Sudhakar said the Commission wants the commercial consumers to shift to ToD so that consumption of power during peak hours could be limited.

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  1. raaj says:

    for a start let DERC conduct tits proceeding in off period from 10 PM to 6 AM next day

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