MERC approved new Net Metering regulation for state of Maharastra

MERC has approved the net metering regulations for Maharashtra. A brief summary of the regulations is as follows:

Parameter Description
Eligible consumer who uses or intends to use a Solar Photo Voltaic (‘PV’) generating System having a capacity less than 1 MW, installed on a roof-top or any other mounting structure in his premises, to meet all or part of his own electricity requirement, and includes a Consumer catering to a common load such as a Housing Society
Max Allowable Capacity Not more than contract demand
Basis of allowing net metering First come first serve basis; 40% of the DT capacity
Grid Inter-connection As per CEA – TS for connectivity of DG resources; CEA ( Measures relating Safety and Electric supply), Regulations, 2010 and the MERC (State Grid Code) Regulations,2006
Capacity Limits for interconnection ·         230/240 V (Single Phase) – Less than 8 kW/40 A

·         400/415 V (Three Phase) – Less than 150 kW/ 187 kVA (in Municipal Corporation Areas); Less than 80 kW/100 kVA (in other areas)

·         11 kV and above – Others below 1000 kVA

* HT (11 kV and above) Consumers may install and connect Roof-top Solar PV System at their LT Bus Bar System – However in such cases Net Meter shall be installed on HT side of transformer

Energy Accounting •        Net billing basis

•        Surplus to carry forward to next billing cycle

•        Any Net injection will be settled at Commission’s approved Average cost of Power Purchase of the Distribution Licensee for respective financial year.

TOD Based Settlement Energy to be settled in the ToD block it was generated in and any excess shall be set off against off-peak consumption
Exemptions Not specified
Metering Bi-directional net meter


The regulation can be accessed at:,%202015.pdf



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