Why Mumbai gets 24×7 power supply and other cities don’t

The voters need to know – getting power at the best rate is our democratic right, expecting free power is abuse of democracy.

The total power generation currently in this country is 2.75 lakh Mw. The per capita power demand in India is close to 1000 Mw. The government claims there is ‘one nation, one grid’ connecting all power demand and supply centres. There is also at least one power distribution company in every city. With the auction of mines and increasing its production to record output, we have surplus coal in the country to fuel our power stations.
So theoretically, we all should get at least 15-18 hours of uninterrupted power supply.
Cut to reality. There are 4 million households with no connection. North-eastern states still await reliable power supply. Hinterlands in states such as UP, Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha etc have power cuts running into days.
So, why are we finding it difficult to ensure 100 per cent penetration of electricity across the country? Because the utility which is supposed to provide electricity in our homes and establishments, does not have the money to buy more power and set up new transmission lines.


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