World’s First Solar-Powered Portable Air Conditioner is Going to Enter Indian Market Very Soon

Developed by a Russian startup, Evapolar is the world’s first personal air conditioner that is small and compact in size and can run on solar batteries. The portable air conditioner will be launched in India, early next year.

Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation, October 12, 2015 – An innovative air conditioner is soon going to be available to the Indian consumers, allowing them to make their summer cool, relaxing as well as pleasant in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner. A Russian company has developed this portable air conditioner that promotes personal hygiene and a great indoor air quality. The company is planning to launch the air conditioner in the Indian market any time next year.

The CEO & Co-founder of the Company, Eugene Dubovoy reveals, “Evapolar consumes very less energy and we have both types of ACs to be run on electricity and solar batteries. The solar version of Evapolar has especially been developed for the Indian region that has a significant solar power potential.” He, however, didn’t disclose the price of the AC at which it will be available to the Indian consumer. “It will be available at a reasonable price, besides it will bring a long-term cost savings because of its energy efficiency,” he states.

In India, where the summer season is invariably very long, this portable air conditioner can make people’s life comfortable and healthier. The country receives sunshine throughout the year and hence a solar-powered air conditioner will prove a more viable as well as a cheaper option for the Indian population. Moreover, in the present scenario of global warming and climatic change, an energy-efficient and eco-friendly AC will not affect the environment as well. Besides, solar batteries make Evapolar a real portable air conditioner to enjoy personal air conditioning anywhere and at any time.

Evapolar has gained a worldwide popularity since its very pre-launch. This small size AC is going to redefine the ways people use to enjoy the air conditioning. This plug-and-play air conditioner can be placed on a table, desk or anywhere to enjoy a cool breeze of air to create a relaxing environment. People in India will possibly be able to get the product next year to enjoy their summer with a great personal air conditioning experience. To know more about this portable and solar-powered personal air conditioner, one may visit the website

 About Evapolar
 Evapolar is the world’s first personal air conditioner that is a smart, eco-friendly and pluggable way to cherish a healthy and personal environment, anywhere and at any time. Evapolar is developed by a seven-member Russian company.  Eugene Dubovoy is the CEO and Co-founder of the company.

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