Gurgaon-based ACME promises cheaper solar power by storing it in lithium-ion batteries

A Gurgaon-based company claims to have developed a solution that can generate solar power, store it batteries and supply to consumers in an entire city at rates that are 10%-15% cheaper than what they pay for electricity. If achieved, this could turn out to be a major breakthrough in power storage and also help reduce greenhouse emissions, though some experts express doubts over the claim and want the company to first demonstrate the technology.

Power storage systems – essentially batteries – on megawatt level are extremely costly. Generation of solar power is erratic as it depends on the sun and even a patch of cloud can cut down generation. There are no cost-effective solutions to store this power that can be delivered to customers at commercially competitive rates 24×7.

The Gurgaon company’s solution assumes significance also since world leaders have just agreed to cut down on greenhouse emissions considerably at the recently concluded Paris climate talks. This meant bringing down thermal power generation and increasing solar power installations.

Manoj Kumar Upadhyay, founder of ACME Cleantech Solutions, says his company is ready to sell power to Indian homes at as low as Rs 7 per unit. Upadhyay, with over 19 years of experience in clean energy, is a former technical head at Telecom Power Company, Benning Gmbh.

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