Indian state run OMCs to set up largest refinery in Maharashtra

India plans to set up its biggest oil refinery in Maharashtra and the government has mandated state-run oil marketing companies (OMC) to work on the project together, said Dharmendra Pradhan, minister of petrol and natural gas.

Maharashtra consumes about 18 million tonnes of petroleum products every year, which is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. The minister said that the “mega refinery” would cater to the needs of the state and the rest of India and also look at exporting value-added products.

“We want to set up a petrochemical hub in the western coast that will serve the domestic market and also have an eye on the world market. We have asked the three OMCs to work on it together so that we can start building the project in 2017,” the minister said. He was talking at the commissioning of BPCL’s crude distillate unit in Mumbai.

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