Delhi Discoms unhappy as govt extends amnesty scheme

The AAP government has extended the amnesty scheme for power defaulters for the second time, drawing a strong reaction from discoms. The scheme, which was launched in October for a month, was first extended till December 31.

It will now run for another three months till March 31. Power companies say the move is not only unfair to those who make regular payments, but also encourages consumers to default.

Sources said the government is dishing out up to Rs 50 crore from its own kitty to finance the scheme.

Around 5,300 consumers have already availed of the scheme in the city across areas served by BYPL, BRPL and Tata Power Delhi. Approximately Rs 55 crore has been settled so far. “So far, the response has been good, but we want up to 1 lakh consumers to avail of the scheme. It encourages defaulters to come into the mainstream as it’s a one-time settlement for disputed bills,” said a government official.

The government initially wanted discoms to bear the cost of the scheme, but the idea was rejected by DERC. The government then drafted a new proposal and agreed to provide subsidy. It insisted that the second extension was in consumers’ interest.

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