In winter, Mumbai uses more power for ACs than any other Indian metro: Study

The Indian winter appears to be the warmest in Mumbai going by the pattern of electricity consumption through air conditioners and refrigerators. A study by The Energy Resources Institute (TERI) conducted in 2015 on behalf of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency finds that Mumbai’s consumption of power on such cooling appliances (as a percentage of the power usage by a household) is the highest among the households surveyed in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru in both autumn and winter seasons.

Over 800 households were surveyed in each of these cities as a part of the study.

While experts agree that Mumbai will obviously consume more power than Delhi, where winters are cold and autumns pleasant, they point out that Mumbaikars expend far more energy (and money) on air-conditioners than Kolkata and Bengaluru, where temperature graphs are not so different from Mumbai’s.

While in the post-monsoon months Mumbai showed 26.4% power consumption by a refrigerator in an average household, in the winter months it showed 45%, much higher among the four metros (see graphic inside). For air conditioners a, city household showed an average of 19.3% power consumption in autumn while in winter it stood at 7.9%, which is again much higher than the other three cities.

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