Delhi government to provide generation-based incentive for power from rooftop solar system

This is just the right time to install a solar roof top system for your house. Delhi government has decided to give a generation-based incentive (GBI) of Rs 2 per unit of solar energy produced to domestic consumers and charitable organisations in a month.

This incentive will be fun ded by Delhi government’s “air ambience fund” created from the 25 paise cess on each litre of diesel bought in the city . Experts say GBI, which is meant to be offered only for two years, can be a great boost for domestic consumers. “We have set aside around Rs 10 crore for the solar GBI from the environment department’s air ambience fund,” said Ashwani Kumar, environment secretary .

Another good news for those investing in solar power is that the Centre has restarted its 30% subsidy on the capital cost of the project. The subsidy had been rolled back to only 15% last year.

Power department officials, however, clarified that the incentive will not be given for commercial rooftop projects.”We are offering GBI to households or trusts in addition to the 30% subsidy from the ministry of new and renewable energy ,” an official said, adding that the solar policy is likely to be notified soon.

Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC) had released a draft solar policy in September after getting inputs from industry as well as NGOs. The focus of the subsidy is to ensure that all existing and proposed Delhi government buildings install solar rooftop systems within three years of notification of the policy.

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