Greenhouse solar can plug the massive need for land to promote renewable energy

Indian government has an ambitious plan to promote renewable /clean energy, but we must also consider the challenges in implementing the same. The target for renewable energy has been set at 175GW by 2022, out of which 100GW is to be by solar energy alone and the land requirement to achieve this target alone is going to be around 200,000 ha.

Additional land shall also be required for 60GW wind projects. No need to say that such massive land acquisition would be quite a challenge especially in a country like India that faces a real test in feeding a population of about 1.25 billion, growing annually at 1.2%. On the other hand 100GW of solar projects would meet only 10% of the projected energy demand in 2022 since solar projects can generate energy only during daytime.

Greenhouse roof mounted solar projects could be a possible solution because of their multiple benefits to society and the Government.

Let’s take an example of a Greenhouse project located in Sardinia the second largest island in the Mediterranean and a part of Italy. The project implemented by us is a 20MWp greenhouse park integrated with Solar panels on the roofs of greenhouses and agriculture being done inside the greenhouses.

(Arial view of 20MWp Greenhouse PV Project located in (Villasor) Sardinia, Italy.)

This project is the largest greenhouse solar project on planet and continues to amaze people around the world as how advanced technology can help produce better tomorrow for our society. This project is spread in 66 acres of land with 134 greenhouses, which produces electricity for around 10 thousand households and at the same time produces flowers, fruits and vegetables at very reasonable price. This project has provided employment opportunity to additional 50 people from neighboring area in agricultural activities. This increases the employment generation potential of solar projects by 250 – 300%.

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