KSEB bid to promote solar inverters finds few takers

Truvananthapuram: The efforts of the state electricity board (KSEB) to promote intelligent power inverters have failed to impress consumers. There were not many takers for a subsidy programme introduced in this connection. The board had introduced the subsidy programme, Sun Shift, to promote solar-based intelligent inverters and ease pressure on the KSEB grid during peak hours besides helping consumers to save on their power bills. In early 2015, it announced a subsidy of Rs 5,000 for the first 2,750 consumers installing the recommended solar power packs, the price of which ranged from Rs 43,000 to Rs 53,000. The data with the renewable energy cell of KSEB show that only 17 people have availed the subsidy.

  Conventional inverters draw considerable amount of grid energy even while not in use, thereby putting pressure on the KSEB distribution grid during peak hours (5-9am and 6-10pm) The board had engaged a committee headed by non-conventional energy expert R V G Menon to prescribe specifications for the intelligent solar inverters that draw power from solar power units during the day. It had empanelled seven firms for producing the solar power packs based on the committee’s recommendations.



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