Modern coal technologies to help India in green energy push: World Coal Association

Modern coal technologies can help India bring down carbon emissions as well as provide electricity to more number of people at affordable rates, according to World Coal Association.

“India has made it very clear that coal will be critical to delivering its economic development and energy access objectives…,” World Coal Association Chief Executive Benjamin Sporton was quoted as saying in a statement.

Sporton, who was speaking at a conference here, said that the power generation capacity from coal will more than double between now and 2040.

“Coal will help fuel the economic development of India’s economy as it urbanises and industrialises over the decades to come.

“With 300 million people currently living without access to electricity and many more – including businesses that can help drive growth – suffering from intermittent supply, coal will do much of the heavy lifting in powering up India’s economy,” he said.

Reflecting on the World Coal Association’s (WCA) recent report, India’s Energy Trilemma, Sporton noted that modern high efficiency low emission coal technologies will be essential to provide affordable electricity while reducing emissions to meet climate objectives.

“Our research shows that while renewable technologies such as solar PV in India could result in high emission abatement, they do not provide the scale of generation growth required to meet electrification targets,” he said.

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