IGI Airport increases its solar power generation capacity

Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has enhanced solar-power generation at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) in New Delhi, India.

DIAL has installed an additional solar-power generation plant at the airport, thereby increasing the current capacity at IGIA from 2.14MW to 7.84MW.

The project aimed to address rising concerns about climate change and the lack of green energy sources.

DIAL CEO I Prabhakara Rao said: “As part of our extensive sustainability strategy, we have taken various efficiency measures at Delhi Airport.

“These include green infrastructure such as LEED-NC Gold Certification, Solar Power Generation, and successful registration on energy efficiency with UNFCCC, Clean Development Mechanism, Water and Waste Management initiatives.

“The successful execution and expansion of solar power plant would not have been possible without the support of our concessioners and stakeholders.”

By 2020, DIAL aims to increase solar-power generation at IGIA to 20MW, stated Prabhakara Rao.

After attaining safety clearances, the solar plant was deployed in a field near IGIA, along with non-reflective PV solar panels to reduce glare.

The project is expected to produce approximately 12 million units of power every year. The airport currently consumes about 220 million units of electricity per year, reported IANS.

In 2014, DIAL installed India’s first solar-power plant at IGIA, which is the first airport in the world to be registered under the UNFCCC’s Clean Development Mechanism.


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