Tata Power CEO Anil Sardana: The only investment that has really gone well in India is in renewable sector

CEO and MD of Tata Power Anil Sardana has turnaround Tata Power Delhi Distribution story and under this, the discom has scripted a success story.

Sardana, who has worked with NTPC, BSES in his career spanning more than three decades, is not only a well-known name in the energy sector but is also known for his acumen and no-nonsense style of functioning.

Sardana’s immediate colleagues say they learn a lot from him and handles toughest of situations with aplomb.

Serving as the Executive Director (Business Development & Strategy) for Tata Power in 2007, Sardana continued to be on its board till July 2008. Sardana was also the Managing Director of Tata Teleservices Limited for over three years from 2007 to 2011.

In a free-wheeling interview with Anupama Airy, Sardana spoke about Tata Power’s growth plans and strategies.

Q: What do you think about the emerging mix of thermal, hydel and renewable energy in the country?

A: I am happy to see the emerging focus on green energy but on the way forward, as far as long-term sustainable investments in the power sector are concerned, what we need is a policy that defines the energy mix that the country would have in next 5-10-15 years. This clarity will help companies plan their investments in a more systematic manner. Also, this will bring corrections in tendencies to undertake one genre of generation option. For example, while country talks about commitment towards Hydro, our actual portfolio shows dwindling hydro share which is now down to all time low of 14%. It is therefore important to have a guideline on portfolio mix that states should adopt, so that all genres are developed, as per energy security guidance. And above all and before we talk of generation, we need to first improve the off-take and distribution.

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