Electricity for all: States up additional capacity, but low demand keeps them stressed

With the government pushing for additional electricity capacity addition and power minister Piyush Goyal saying that all villages would be electrified by the end of 2016 — much before the previous deadline of May 2017— when it comes to newly installed capacity, some states have clearly taken a lead. According to the state-wise installed capacity data released by the Reserve Bank of India, while a total of 52,801 megawatt of additional capacity was installed over the last two years (after the NDA government came to power) six states alone contributed to more than 50 per cent of this capacity addition.

With an additional installed capacity of 5,700 MW, Chhattisgarh emerged as the top state, both in absolute and in percentage terms of capacity addition. The state, which had an installed capacity of 9,840 MW in March 2014, witnessed its capacity rise 58 per cent to 15,540 MW at the end of March 2016. The state also lifted its per capita availability of power from 736 kilowatt hours (kwh) in March 2014 to 990 kwh.

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