35 hydro power projects awaiting concurrence by CEA: Govt

New Delhi: Of the 50 proposals received from various states for setting up hydro power projects, 35 are awaiting the CEA concurrence or appraisal, Parliament was informed today.

“Presently, 50 proposals for setting up of hydro electric projects have been received from various states in Central Electricity Authority (CEA) for concurrence/appraisal,” Power Minister Piyush Goyal informed the Lok Sabha.

The minister further said that 15 hydro electric projects (HEPs) have been concurred by CEA.

“As per Section 7 of the Electricity Act 2003, any generating company may establish, operate and maintain a generating station without obtaining a license/permission under this Act, if it complies with the technical standards relating to connectivity with the grid,” the minster said.

Accordingly, sanction of the government is not required for setting up of thermal power projects. However, for setting up of hydroelectric power projects, the detailed project reports (DPRs) are required to be submitted for concurrence of CEA, he said.

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