Equipment Specifications for Solar module, Wind Turbine and Solar Inverter

Hitachi 2 MW Wind Turbine Specifications

Rotor Diameter 80m
Swept area 4,978m2
Rotor location Downwind
Rotational speed 11.1?19.6min-1
Rated rotational speed 17.5min-1
Rotational direction Clockwise (from upwind)
Tilting angle -8°
Coning angle
Blade Quantity 3 pcs
Length 39m
Material GFRP (glass-fiber reinforced resin)
Gearbox Structure 1 planetary gear, 2 parallel gears
Gear ratio nearly 1:100 (50Hz)
nearly 1:120 (60Hz)
Generating system Generating system DFIG (doubly fed induction generator)
Rated generator output 2,000kW
Generator voltage 1,400V
Generator current 825 A
Number of generator poles 4 poles
Rated generator speed 1,736min-1 (50Hz)
2,098min-1 (60Hz)
Generator power factor 100% (operation range: delay 90% to advance 95%)
PCS cooling system Antifreeze circulation, wind-cooled
PCS control system Active power control
Incorporation-type transformer Capacity 2,222kVA
Transformer system Oil-immersed self-cooled
Voltage 22kV/1.4kV (Except 22kV series, the set-up transformer, panels, auxiliaries, etc. are placed outside of the tower)
Winding configuration ?/?
Nacelle Material GFRP (glass-fiber reinforced resin)
Dimensions L11.5m/ W3.5m / H4.9m (H excludes the sensor mast.)
Tower Tower system Steel monopole
Anchor system Steel monopole (anchor ring)
Hub height 65m / 78m
Number of divisions 3 (65cm) / 4 (78cm)
System Output control Pitch, variable velocity
Cut in wind velocity 4m/s
Cutout wind velocity 25m/s
Maximum wind velocity 70m/s (3 seconds) ?50m/s (10 minutes’ average)
Emergency brake Blade feather (independent pitch)
Maintenance brake Disc brake
Yaw control Active yaw
Standby for storm wind Free yaw
Lightning strength 250kA (peak current)
600C (total charge)
Environmental Wind velocity class IIA+ (standard) (Provided that the IA type ispossible depending on the wind velocity class of the tower)




lEC disturbance strength A
Operation temperature -20 to 40?
Noise power level 103.8dBA
Altitude 1,000m or less



Sunpower SPR-5500x Inverter Specifications

Model number 864-1015






Input voltage, Maximum Power Point range Certified operating range: 240–550 Vdc. (Unit is operable as low as 235 Vdc.)
Absolute maximum array open circuit voltage 600 Vdc
Maximum input current 22.0 Adc (240 V), 20.0 Adc (208 V)
Maximum array short circuit current 24 Adc
Reverse polarity protection Short circuit diode
Ground fault protection GF detection, IDIF > 1 A
Nominal output voltage 240 V














Maximum output power 5000 W
Operating range, utility voltage 211–264 Vac
Nominal output frequency 60 Hz
Operating range, utility frequency 59.3–60.5 Hz
Startup current 0 Aac
Maximum continuous output current 21 A
Maximum output fault current 25 A
Maximum output overcurrent protection 30 ARMS
Maximum utility back feed current 0 A
Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
Power factor >0.99% (at rated power), >0.95% (full power range)
Utility monitoring— islanding protection Vac, fac as per UL 1741 (2005)
Output characteristics Current source
Output current waveform Sine wave



Voltage level 240 V  208 V
Maximum efficiency 95.90% 95.50%
CEC efficiency 95.50% 95.00%
Night-time tare loss 1 W


 Sharp 235W Multi-Purpose Solar   Module
















Maximum Power (Pmax) 235 W
Tolerance of Pmax +5% to 0%
PTC Rating 211.8 W
Type of Cell Polycrystalline silicon
Cell Configuration 60 in series
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 37.2 V
Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm) 29.3 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 8.60 A
Maximum Power Current (Ipm) 8.02 A
Module Efficiency (%) 14.40%
Maximum System (DC) Voltage 600 V (UL)/1000V (IEC)
Series Fuse Rating 15 A
NOCT 47.5°C
Temperature Coefficient (Pmax) -0.485%/ degree Celsius
Temperature Coefficient (Voc) -0.36%/degree Celsius
Temperature Coefficient (lsc) 0.053%/°C







Dimensions (A x B x C to the right) 39.1” x 64.6” x 1.8”/994 x 1640 x 46 mm
Cable Length (G) 43.3”/1100 mm
Output Interconnect Cable 12 AWG with SMK Locking Connector
Hail Impact Resistance 1” (25 mm) at 52 mph (23 m/s)
Weight 41.9 lbs / 19.0 kg
Max Load 50 psf (2400 Pascals)
Operating Temperature (cell) -40 to 194°F / -40 to 90°C





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