Gusty winds push up power production

It’s a windfall, literally, as far as electricity generation from wind energy is concerned. Gusty winds sweeping through the State has given a boost to the generation of renewable energy. Power generation crossed 1,800 MW in July, which was around 1,805 MW on Tuesday as well. This is nearly 25 per cent of the total peak demand of the State, and one of the highest in recent years.

Though dynamic, the average wind energy generated in the State is said to be around 500 MW a month, sometimes dipping to 100 MW.

Private farms

Wind energy is generated by giant wind turbines set up on wind farms, primarily in the north-western belt of Karnataka, which harnesses the kinetic energy in wind to create electricity. The electricity being generated this month at wind farms, a majority of them private, is said to be the highest in at least three years.

The electricity produced in July at the 85 wind polling stations, 84 of them private, with a total installed capacity of 2,923 MW, has gone past the halfway mark of their capacity.

Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. (KPTCL) officials said the maximum amount of electricity generated in the last few years was around 1,100 MW. “More number of generators has been sanctioned in the last three years, which could be the reason the generation has also gone up,” they said.

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