India’s Biggest Need Of The Hour In Terms of Energy Management !

Looking for an objective way to measure the presidential candidates’ interest in renewable energy, an analyst for the American Council On Renewable Energy searched their websites a month ago for the term.

The search produced 55 results on Hillary Clinton’s website—it jumped to 92 as she published more detailed plans—and only one on Donald Trump’s site.

Clinton’s plan calls for enough renewable energy to power 100 percent of American homes by 2027—even more ambitious than the Green Party’s plan, which proposes the same goal three years later.

To get there, Clinton wants to install 500 million solar panels during her first term. She would increase solar capacity to 140 gigawatts by the end of 2020, a 700 percent increase from current levels, by offering grants, market-based incentives, and prizes for communities that cut red tape.

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