Commission fines MSEDCL official Rs3.60 lakh

In a jolt to MSEDCL , the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) has asked the company to recover a sum Rs3.60 lakh from a guilty official. However, as the company had to unnecessarily pay an amount of Rs3.60 lakh due to the guilty official, the MERC has directed to identify the official and recover the amount from his salary. Instead of complying with the order, MSEDCL wrote a letter to the company stating that it had decided to file a suit in high court against the CGRF order. This amount has to be paid by the company to a Kolhapur consumer as interest for delay in refunding tariff difference amount. However, no such petition was filed.When Caspro approached MERC for refund of the amount, MSEDCL went a change of heart and decided to comply with the consumer forum order.Continue reading


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