MNRE issues guidelines for rooftop solar

The Central Government is going full throttle to meet its objective of 100 GW of grid connected solar power projects by FY 22. As a result, solar capacity has registered a stupendous CAGR of 109%; reaching 8062 MW (here) from 3019 MW in last 16 months (here) with majority of the additions taking place in ground mounted solar projects.

 In order to boost up rooftop capacity additions, MNRE has recently come up with guidelines (here) for aiding state nodal agencies / Distribution companies in implementation of grid connected solar rooftop projects.  Under these guidelines, implementing agencies have been allowed to conduct transparent competitive bidding for the capacity sanctioned by MNRE with a minimum of 70% of sanctioned capacity to be provided in the Tender Category. In order to attract large developers through demand aggregation, minimum 20% of the tendered capacity or actual bid capacity of lowest bidder will be allotted to the winning bidder.

The remaining 30% of the sanctioned capacity will be kept as Open Category to be offered to all project developers / channel partners / new entrepreneurs at the lowest project cost / tariff discovered under the competitive bidding in the Tender Category with a cap of 5% the total approved/ sanctioned capacity per bidder.

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